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Jack Kornfield is offering a post-election gathering Wednesday at 6pm pacific: https://spirit-rock.secure.retreat.guru/program/special-event-a-post-election-gathering-and-practice-jk1s20/?lang=en

Vinny Ferraro is offering a virtual day-long on August 15th: https://www.aplos.com/aws/events/online_daylong_august_8

Kittisaro and Thanissara, two beloved teachers, are giving a virtual day-long this Sunday on the Heart Sutra. I'll attend. Here's the link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/living-the-heart-sutra-in-our-times-tickets-112555532628

Jack's virtual 3-day retreat has changed formats. Now it's just one day and free. I highly recommend this: https://www.cognitiveleap.com/events

Jack Kornfield is offering a 3-day online retreat May 14-16. This is a great way to spend a weekend in shelter-in-place. https://jackkornfield.com/event/bringing-worlds-together-a-3-day-online-retreat-for-meditators/

Vinny Ferraro is doing a live, virtual sit and Dharma talk this Friday from 7:30-9pm pacific time. See https://www.bigheartcity.org/ for details.

Tara Brach, Trudy Goodman, and Jack Kornfield have put together resources for a "home retreat" to help us keep calm and centered in the current pandemic. https://jackkornfield.com/creating-a-home-retreat-finding-freedom-wherever-you-are-free-half-day-retreat-included/

For those of you in the Bay Area, this Friday (November 1st) two amazing teachers, Frank Ostaseski and Vinny Ferraro, are teaching in SF. Details here: https://www.bigheartcity.org/schedule

Byron Katie is coming to Spirit Rock in August for a day-long workshop. She's awesome, and the workshop will be wonderful. https://calendar.spiritrock.org/events/radical-wisdom/

Tara Brach will be in the SF Bay Area on Monday, April 22nd, her only 2019 West Coast appearance. Tickets are available here: https://www.cityboxoffice.com/eventperformances.asp?evt=2558

Vinny Ferraro is doing a day-long retreat in Santa Cruz. Vinny is a wonderful teacher. The day-long is offered freely with the request for donations if you're able. http://www.insightsantacruz.org/category/upcoming-events/

Jack Kornfield is doing a day-long introduction to mindfulness meditation retreat on December 15th at Spirit Rock. This would be an amazing first day-long retreat! https://calendar.spiritrock.org/events/mindfulness-meditation-2018/

Vinny Ferraro, a teacher who I greatly enjoy, is teaching a silent 2-night retreat in Applegate, CA from September 7-9. This would be a great first silent retreat. https://www.againstthestream.org/applegate-retreat-2018/

Vinny Ferraro, a teacher I admire greatly, is doing a weekend-long silent retreat in September. I highly recommend this to anyone interested in dipping their toe into silent retreats. He's great, and it's short. https://www.againstthestream.org/applegate-retreat-2018/

BuddhaFest is happening in Los Angeles June 1-3. The event has an epic lineup of speakers including Jack Kornfield, Ram Dass, and others. https://www.buddhafest.org/

Jack Kornfield is doing a day-long retreat at Spirit Rock on May 20th. The topic is mindfulness meditation. I highly recommend this for anyone looking to deepen their practice. https://calendar.spiritrock.org/events/mindfulness-meditation/

Kittisaro and Thanissara, two teachers who I greatly enjoy, are doing a day-long retreat at Spirit Rock this Sunday, April 1st. This will be very special. https://calendar.spiritrock.org/events/reclamation-of-the-sacred

Eugene Cash, who teaches the SF Insight Sangha, is teaching an interesting day-long retreat on February 3rd: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/discovering-reality-a-daylong-retreat-with-eugene-cash-tickets-41902654969?ref=ebtn

Spirit Rock has two upcoming day-long retreats by teachers who I like very much (in addition to the Jack day-long I posted yesterday). Here they are: https://spiritrock.org/calendarDetails?EventID=5947 https://spiritrock.org/calendarDetails?EventID=5912

Jack Kornfield is doing a day-long retreat at Spirit Rock on Insight Meditation on Sunday, February 25th. https://spiritrock.org/calendarDetails?EventID=5908

Tara Brach is giving a workshop in Seattle on compassion and wisdom that looks wonderful: http://facesconferences.com/seattle2018

Dharma Bits is a list of mindfulness meditation resources that I love. I hope you enjoy them as well!

-Alex L


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