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Tara Brach

Tara Brach shares a deep teaching about identity, emptiness, and awareness: https://www.tarabrach.com/emptiness-dancing-retreat-2/

Tara Brach on wise hope (vs egoic hope): https://www.tarabrach.com/three-practices-nurturing-wise-hope

Tara Brach on being embodied to reconnect with our aliveness and spirit: https://dharmaseed.org/talks/69934/

Very special talk from Tara Brach on difficult emotions: why they're important, how to work with them. https://dharmaseed.org/talks/72663/

Another great talk on collective fear by Tara Brach: https://dharmaseed.org/talks/70844/

Amazing conversation between Tara Brach and Kristin Neff on self-compassion. Both are leaders in the field. https://dharmaseed.org/talks/66024/

Tara Brach teaches Thich Nhat Hanh's teaching of interbeing, with a very heartfelt focus on the climate emergency. https://dharmaseed.org/talks/69439/

Tara Brach on how to practice with fear, including with intense fear from trauma. https://dharmaseed.org/talks/67395/

Here's Tara Brach's very profound Earth Day talk on the importance of our connection to nature. https://dharmaseed.org/talks/65542/

Tara Brach on self-love - what blocks self-love, how to cultivate self-love, and why self-love is so important to our well being. https://dharmaseed.org/talks/65385/

The time to get real with ourselves is now, and this talk by Tara Brach will help us get there through insight and compassion. https://dharmaseed.org/teacher/175/talk/65005/

Tara Brach shares a favorite inner concept of mine, strong back + soft front, in the context of ending hatred. Highly recommended. 1: https://dharmaseed.org/teacher/175/talk/63716/ 2: https://dharmaseed.org/teacher/175/talk/63715/

Tara Brach on working with fear, the physical body of fear, and also how to get unstuck from what she calls "worrier pose." This is a great pandemic resource. https://dharmaseed.org/teacher/175/talk/62568/

Here's an epic talk by Tara Brach on shame, healing, and transformation. https://dharmaseed.org/teacher/175/talk/62135/

Tara Brach on hope and the difference between egoic hope and spiritual hope, a hope that can hold our suffering and traumas and can free us: https://dharmaseed.org/teacher/175/talk/62099/

Here's a collection of anti-racism resources from Tara Brach (talks, meditations, books, etc): https://www.tarabrach.com/racism

Tara Brach just published a "pandemic care package" made up of lots of helpful online resources: https://www.tarabrach.com/pandemic/

Tara Brach on facing pandemic fears with an awake heart. Talk: https://dharmaseed.org/teacher/175/talk/61259/ and meditation: https://dharmaseed.org/teacher/175/talk/61258/

Tara Brach, Trudy Goodman, and Jack Kornfield have put together resources for a "home retreat" to help us keep calm and centered in the current pandemic. https://jackkornfield.com/creating-a-home-retreat-finding-freedom-wherever-you-are-free-half-day-retreat-included/

Tara Brach on how to work with fear by awaking your heart and holding the fear in space and love. https://dharmaseed.org/teacher/175/talk/60818/

Tara Brach on the courage to love. The gateway to deep intimacy and love is through vulnerability, which requires courage. Part 1: https://dharmaseed.org/teacher/175/talk/56911/ and part 2: https://dharmaseed.org/teacher/175/talk/57078/

Tara Brach on realizing our deepest intentions. Deep intentions must: manifest our inherent potential, be embodied (or felt in the body), and relate to this moment right now. https://dharmaseed.org/teacher/175/talk/54310/

Tara Brach will be in the SF Bay Area on Monday, April 22nd, her only 2019 West Coast appearance. Tickets are available here: https://www.cityboxoffice.com/eventperformances.asp?evt=2558

Tara Brach on courageous presence, a willingness to be present with difficult experiences or personal "demons" and to hold them in acceptance and love. https://dharmaseed.org/teacher/175/talk/54703/

Real-talk from Tara Brach on authentic thanks giving, on Thanksgiving. https://dharmaseed.org/teacher/175/talk/53509/

Tara Brach on rewiring for happiness and freedom. These two talks are wonderful explorations of a peaceful and loving heart. Part 1: https://dharmaseed.org/teacher/175/talk/52565/ Part 2: https://dharmaseed.org/teacher/175/talk/52678/

Tara Brach on healing depression. She explains the sources of depression, followed by how to heal. Part 1: https://dharmaseed.org/teacher/175/talk/51494/ and part 2: https://dharmaseed.org/teacher/175/talk/51611/

Tara Brach on the power of prayer. As a former atheist I found this interesting. I learned prayer doesn't need to be a conversation with a divine being. Prayer can be as simple as wishing someone well. http://dharmaseed.org/teacher/175/talk/51725/

Tara Brach on acceptance and saying "yes." "The boundary to what we accept is the boundary to our freedom." Acceptance has many subtleties, which she covers well (eg around injustice and other wrongs) http://dharmaseed.org/teacher/175/talk/51391/

A very special two-part series from Tara Brach on our basic goodness: how to find it within us, cultivate it, and how to find it in others. Part 1: http://dharmaseed.org/teacher/175/talk/50071/ and part 2: http://dharmaseed.org/teacher/175/talk/50278/

Tara Brach on ending hate and blame, and instead learning to grieve. This talk was given after the 2016 presidential election. My favorite quote: "Vengeance is a lazy form of grief." http://dharmaseed.org/teacher/175/talk/38066/

Here's another great talk from Tara Brach. She introduces an incredible framework that helps us escape our self-critical minds: "real but not true." She also introduces the concept of mental maps, which is a very helpful metaphor. http://dharmaseed.org/teacher/175/talk/34535/

Tara Brach on how to be a good listener. Part 1: http://dharmaseed.org/teacher/175/talk/49564/ Part 2: http://dharmaseed.org/teacher/175/talk/49661/

Tara Brach on working with trauma. This is a must-listen for anyone who has experienced trauma and still struggles with it: http://dharmaseed.org/teacher/175/talk/39632/

Great Tara Brach blog post, "When the News Makes Us Miserable: Remembering a Fuller Presence and Larger Truth" https://www.tarabrach.com/news-makes-us-miserable/

Tara Brach teaching about being lost in trance, and how to break out of the trance with RAIN (Recognize, Allow, Investigate, Nourish). She shares a number of tender, beautiful stories, too. http://dharmaseed.org/teacher/175/talk/48094/

Tara Brach introduces three gateways to peace and freedom (otherwise known as the three refuges). She talks about accomplishments and how they’re a false goal for happiness. The “if only” mind. http://dharmaseed.org/teacher/175/talk/48174/

Tara Brach is giving a workshop in Seattle on compassion and wisdom that looks wonderful: http://facesconferences.com/seattle2018

This is part 2 of Tara's exploration into the trance of fear. My last update was about part 1. http://dharmaseed.org/teacher/175/talk/47884/

Here's a beautiful exploration into fear by Tara Brach. I highly recommend listening to this if you ever feel that you're lost in a trance of fear, where it's controlling you subconsciously. http://dharmaseed.org/teacher/175/talk/47882/

Dharma Bits is a list of mindfulness meditation resources that I love. I hope you enjoy them as well!

-Alex L


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