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Jack Kornfield

Jack Kornfield on war and peace: https://dharmaseed.org/talks/70079/

Jack Kornfield weaves together the Russia-Ukraine war and the life of Thich Nhat Nahn: https://dharmaseed.org/talks/69770/

Epic talk by Jack Kornfield on the power of listening. The story at 13:50 about the Dalai Lama's personal doctor is very special. https://dharmaseed.org/talks/66293/

Jack Kornfield's Winter Solstice talk, primarily focused on our exile... our exile from ourselves, from our fellow country people, from the Earth. Talk starts at 26:30. https://dharmaseed.org/teacher/85/talk/63361/

Jack Kornfield is offering a post-election gathering Wednesday at 6pm pacific: https://spirit-rock.secure.retreat.guru/program/special-event-a-post-election-gathering-and-practice-jk1s20/?lang=en

Jack's virtual 3-day retreat has changed formats. Now it's just one day and free. I highly recommend this: https://www.cognitiveleap.com/events

Jack Kornfield is offering a 3-day online retreat May 14-16. This is a great way to spend a weekend in shelter-in-place. https://jackkornfield.com/event/bringing-worlds-together-a-3-day-online-retreat-for-meditators/

Jack Kornfield wrote a blog post on the Bodhisattva response to COVID-19. https://jackkornfield.com/the-bodhisattva-response-to-the-virus/

Tara Brach, Trudy Goodman, and Jack Kornfield have put together resources for a "home retreat" to help us keep calm and centered in the current pandemic. https://jackkornfield.com/creating-a-home-retreat-finding-freedom-wherever-you-are-free-half-day-retreat-included/

Jack Kornfield and Paul Hawken on COVID-19 and climate change. Paul Hawken is the editor of the NYT best-selling climate change book, Drawdown. https://dharmaseed.org/teacher/85/talk/61058/

Jack Kornfield on the life of the late Ram Dass, the Harvard professor turned LSD advocate turned spiritual teacher focused much on love and compassion. Climate change is covered, too. https://dharmaseed.org/teacher/85/talk/60343/

Jack Kornfield on healing trauma. https://dharmaseed.org/teacher/85/talk/17446/ Also, if you want to learn more about trauma, read The Body Keeps The Score by Bessel van der Kolk M.D.

Here's a wonderful Dharma talk by Jack Kornfield, where he tells three beautiful stories about presence, love, purpose, meaning, and kindness: https://dharmaseed.org/teacher/85/talk/56171/

Jack Kornfield on inspirational leadership. He tells beautiful stories about Ram Dass, Aung San Suu Kyi, and Nainoa Thompson (a Hawaiian navigator) https://dharmaseed.org/teacher/85/talk/18434/

Jack Kornfield tells another story on acting with a loving and peaceful heart, in particular during the change of the seasons. The Marvelous Bodhisattva Vimalakirti: https://dharmaseed.org/teacher/85/talk/53882/

Another great talk by Jack Kornfield on how to live with a wise and peaceful heart, and how to extend compassion and love to all. https://dharmaseed.org/teacher/85/talk/37799/

Jack Kornfield tells the story of the Buddha's last teaching. The story is very mythical and Buddhist, supplemented by Jack's interpretations and meanings. https://dharmaseed.org/teacher/85/talk/52721/

Jack Kornfield on how to bring our meditation practice into the world with compassionate and loving action. This is a true gem. Skip the practice from 15:15 to 31:09. https://dharmaseed.org/teacher/85/talk/33628/

Jack tells the story of Nachakito, a story about transforming -- the type of transformation for those who want to start a quest for a new life. "I felt in need of a great pilgrimage, so I sat still for three days." - Kabir https://dharmaseed.org/teacher/85/talk/51735/

Jack Kornfield on virtue and integrity, and how they are essential for the happiness and prosperity of all life, including ours. Jack also addresses the intersection between spirituality and politics. http://dharmaseed.org/teacher/85/talk/39515/

Jack Kornfield tells the story of a young boy, Natchiketa, about how to deal with difficulty. The three teachings are: forgiveness, courage (or liveliness/fire), and loving awareness. http://dharmaseed.org/teacher/85/talk/17178/

Another beautiful talk on patience, this time from Jack Kornfield. He shares his own struggles with impatience, and its importance in working to make the world a better place: notice impatience and study it. Talk starts at 37:00. http://dharmaseed.org/teacher/85/talk/44056/

Another amazingly special talk from Jack. He introduces mindfulness but not in the "these are the benefits" way. He explains the deeper beauties of mindfulness, while telling beautiful stories of himself and others. A must listen. http://dharmaseed.org/teacher/85/talk/49845/

Jack Kornfield talks about mystery, uncertainty, beginner's mind, and our identity. This is a beautiful, deep talk. http://dharmaseed.org/teacher/85/talk/20046/

BuddhaFest is happening in Los Angeles June 1-3. The event has an epic lineup of speakers including Jack Kornfield, Ram Dass, and others. https://www.buddhafest.org/

Jack Kornfield is doing a day-long retreat at Spirit Rock on May 20th. The topic is mindfulness meditation. I highly recommend this for anyone looking to deepen their practice. https://calendar.spiritrock.org/events/mindfulness-meditation/

Jack Kornfield on the garden of the heart -- what seeds will you plant? There’s a story in the middle about a former gang member that will bring you to tears. http://dharmaseed.org/teacher/85/talk/48859/

Jack Kornfield is doing a day-long retreat at Spirit Rock on Insight Meditation on Sunday, February 25th. https://spiritrock.org/calendarDetails?EventID=5908

A beautiful overview of the deep benefits of consistent mindfulness/insight meditation, by Jack Kornfield: http://dharmaseed.org/teacher/85/talk/21065/

Dharma Bits is a list of mindfulness meditation resources that I love. I hope you enjoy them as well!

-Alex L


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