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Tara Brach on how to practice with fear, including with intense fear from trauma. https://dharmaseed.org/talks/67395/

Here's a nice dialogue between Matthew Brensilver, Phillip Moffitt, and Tuere Sala on freedom/liberation/awakening. https://dharmaseed.org/talks/67334/

Kamala Masters on equanimity, in particular "surrendering to the law [of nature]." https://dharmaseed.org/talks/60682/

Sylvia Boorstein on kindness and the preciousness of life. Life is so difficult; how can we be anything but kind? What will we do with our one life? https://dharmaseed.org/talks/67203/

Thich Nhat Hanh on how to be with difficult or unpleasant experiences. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t5Ka2RS0UC4

Thich Nhat Hanh on restlessness, or a lack of inner peace. Talk starts at 13:55. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qq6B4OX6uUE

Part 2 of Donald Rothberg's talk on awakening, this time with more of a focus on awakening in contemporary times. https://dharmaseed.org/talks/67144/

Donald Rothberg on beautiful states of being, including awakening, along with stories of his Buddhist lineages coming to America: https://dharmaseed.org/talks/66963/

Donald Rothberg on how to practice with difficulty: https://dharmaseed.org/talks/66918/

Sylvia Boorstein on wisdom, in particular impermanence and suffering/reactivity. She shares some lovely poems, too. https://dharmaseed.org/talks/66025/

Epic talk by Jack Kornfield on the power of listening. The story at 13:50 about the Dalai Lama's personal doctor is very special. https://dharmaseed.org/talks/66293/

Thich Nhat Hanh on the understanding of suffering leading to compassion and less suffering. And nice chanting. Watch the first hour https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DTgv4iPgQ2o

Here's Tara Brach's very profound Earth Day talk on the importance of our connection to nature. https://dharmaseed.org/talks/65542/

Part 2 of Donald Rothberg's talk on how to develop confidence, trust, and faith in one's contemplative practice. This is a beautiful one. https://dharmaseed.org/talks/65776/

Donald Rothberg on how to develop confidence, trust, and faith in one's contemplative practice: https://dharmaseed.org/talks/65736/

Tara Brach on self-love - what blocks self-love, how to cultivate self-love, and why self-love is so important to our well being. https://dharmaseed.org/talks/65385/

The time to get real with ourselves is now, and this talk by Tara Brach will help us get there through insight and compassion. https://dharmaseed.org/teacher/175/talk/65005/

Kaira Jewel Lingo on how to embrace strong emotions and grow joy. She teaches Thich Nhat Hanh's version of RAIN. Great talk! https://dharmaseed.org/teacher/1012/talk/64395/

Donald Rothberg gives a unique and interesting talk on doing and not doing, both in meditation and in daily life. https://dharmaseed.org/teacher/55/talk/64238/

Jack Kornfield's Winter Solstice talk, primarily focused on our exile... our exile from ourselves, from our fellow country people, from the Earth. Talk starts at 26:30. https://dharmaseed.org/teacher/85/talk/63361/

Tara Brach shares a favorite inner concept of mine, strong back + soft front, in the context of ending hatred. Highly recommended. 1: https://dharmaseed.org/teacher/175/talk/63716/ 2: https://dharmaseed.org/teacher/175/talk/63715/

Here's part 2 of Donald Rothberg's practicing with views talk, discussing political, racial, and other views, including an interesting historical study on race in the US. https://dharmaseed.org/teacher/55/talk/63168/

Donald Rothberg on cultivating uppekha, commonly translated as equanimity or balance, a quality that is particularly helpful amidst difficulty. https://dharmaseed.org/teacher/55/talk/62725/

Donald Rothberg on practicing with views, given two weeks after the election, with a deep emphasis on the original Buddha's teachings on the matter. Starts at 1:14. https://dharmaseed.org/teacher/55/talk/62972/

Here's a beautiful, insightful talk from 2005 by Thich Nhat Hanh on the true nature of things, including birth and death. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ms6EylTW-2o (starts at 14 minutes)

Donald Rothberg on fear. Given in 2015, this talk is still extremely relevant today. Part 1: https://dharmaseed.org/teacher/55/talk/31756/ part 2: https://dharmaseed.org/teacher/55/talk/31808/

Tara Brach on working with fear, the physical body of fear, and also how to get unstuck from what she calls "worrier pose." This is a great pandemic resource. https://dharmaseed.org/teacher/175/talk/62568/

Here's a great talk by Donald Rothberg on dukkha and the end of dukkha in times of crisis, at the levels of formal meditation, day-to-day life, and social action. https://dharmaseed.org/teacher/55/talk/62575/

Here's a shorter talk by Donald Rothberg continuing on how to practice in daily life during the pandemic: https://dharmaseed.org/teacher/55/talk/62194/

I've been experiencing fear a lot during the pandemic. Here's a talk by Joseph Goldstein offering a lot of wonderful insights for how to work with fear: https://dharmaseed.org/teacher/96/talk/31369/

Here's an epic talk by Tara Brach on shame, healing, and transformation. https://dharmaseed.org/teacher/175/talk/62135/

Tara Brach on hope and the difference between egoic hope and spiritual hope, a hope that can hold our suffering and traumas and can free us: https://dharmaseed.org/teacher/175/talk/62099/

Sylvia Boorstein gives a beautiful talk (with video) on the political divide in the US and how to have a heart as wide as the world, for all beings: https://learn.lionsroar.com/courses/re-awaken-summit/lectures/17375433 (edit: now has a paywall)

Donald Rothberg on a Buddhist perspective to transform racism. Donald also includes fascinating racial history in America. https://dharmaseed.org/teacher/55/talk/62047/ and https://dharmaseed.org/teacher/55/talk/62086/

Here's a collection of anti-racism resources from Tara Brach (talks, meditations, books, etc): https://www.tarabrach.com/racism

Howie Cohn with a great introduction to the four noble truths. https://www.dharmaseed.org/teacher/82/talk/34766/

Another pandemic talk by Donald Rothberg focused on compassion and equanimity. https://dharmaseed.org/teacher/55/talk/61512/

Donald Rothberg shares a beautiful talk on practicing in the pandemic. First a talk, then Q&A. https://dharmaseed.org/teacher/55/talk/61421/ and https://dharmaseed.org/teacher/55/talk/61422/

Tara Brach just published a "pandemic care package" made up of lots of helpful online resources: https://www.tarabrach.com/pandemic/

Tara Brach on facing pandemic fears with an awake heart. Talk: https://dharmaseed.org/teacher/175/talk/61259/ and meditation: https://dharmaseed.org/teacher/175/talk/61258/

Jack Kornfield and Paul Hawken on COVID-19 and climate change. Paul Hawken is the editor of the NYT best-selling climate change book, Drawdown. https://dharmaseed.org/teacher/85/talk/61058/

Meditation is beautiful medicine for fear and suffering, and especially needed now amidst COVID-19 fear and anxiety. Here are upcoming, free talks by Thich Nhat Hanh disciples. https://promo.lionsroar.com/free-summit-thich-nhat-hanh/

Beth Sternlieb on letting go of greed, hatred, delusion, letting go of self, and on understanding the the wisdom of dying. https://dharmaseed.org/teacher/567/talk/60903/

Tara Brach on how to work with fear by awaking your heart and holding the fear in space and love. https://dharmaseed.org/teacher/175/talk/60818/

Jack Kornfield on the life of the late Ram Dass, the Harvard professor turned LSD advocate turned spiritual teacher focused much on love and compassion. Climate change is covered, too. https://dharmaseed.org/teacher/85/talk/60343/

Donald Rothberg on the transformative power of metta (translated as "loving kindness" or "kindness" or "friendliness") https://dharmaseed.org/teacher/55/talk/60357/

Beth Sternlieb on compassion and community-focused metta (translated as "loving kindness" or "kindness" or "friendliness") https://dharmaseed.org/teacher/567/talk/60377/

Here's Sylvia Boorstein with a very humorous, deep talk on kindness being the only possible response when we hold all beings in our hearts with compassion: https://dharmaseed.org/teacher/174/talk/60389/

Donald Rothberg on the 4th foundation of mindfulness, which is hard to concisely summarize. Generally it's: patterns and processes of experience, causes and conditions, wisdom, and responsiveness / action. https://dharmaseed.org/teacher/55/talk/17886/

Donald Rothberg on the 3rd foundation of mindfulness, thoughts and emotions: https://dharmaseed.org/teacher/55/talk/17773/ Look at his other talks around the same time for talks on the other foundations.

Dharma Bits is a list of mindfulness meditation resources that I love. I hope you enjoy them as well!

-Alex L


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