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Eugene Cash on gratitude and the wisdom that everything is given. https://dharmaseed.org/talks/74067/

Tara Brach shares a deep teaching about identity, emptiness, and awareness: https://www.tarabrach.com/emptiness-dancing-retreat-2/

Donald Rothberg on how to see all experiences as learning opportunities. https://dharmaseed.org/talks/73781/

Tara Brach on wise hope (vs egoic hope): https://www.tarabrach.com/three-practices-nurturing-wise-hope

Donald Rothberg on ten ways to work with reactivity (dukkha). Thorough, great, practical talk. https://dharmaseed.org/talks/73199/

Tara Brach on being embodied to reconnect with our aliveness and spirit: https://dharmaseed.org/talks/69934/

Very special talk from Tara Brach on difficult emotions: why they're important, how to work with them. https://dharmaseed.org/talks/72663/

Donald Rothberg on the Buddha's core teachings of Dukkha (commonly translated as suffering or reactivity): https://dharmaseed.org/talks/72639/

Thich Nhat Hanh on nirvana (freedom), a major Buddhist essential concept. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t-rCGmCCMMs

Joseph Goldstein on key Buddhist wisdom practices such as impermanence: https://dharmaseed.org/talks/71609/ and https://dharmaseed.org/talks/71735/

Donald Rothberg's 4th of July talk, Dharma and Democracy: https://dharmaseed.org/talks/71391/

Another great talk on collective fear by Tara Brach: https://dharmaseed.org/talks/70844/

Gullu Singh on wise view and its key role in the path of spiritual practice: https://dharmaseed.org/talks/70474/

Jack Kornfield on war and peace: https://dharmaseed.org/talks/70079/

Kaira Jewel Lingo on working with difficult emotions. Talk: https://dharmaseed.org/talks/69990/ Vagal nurturing meditation: https://dharmaseed.org/talks/69989/

Amazing conversation between Tara Brach and Kristin Neff on self-compassion. Both are leaders in the field. https://dharmaseed.org/talks/66024/

Jack Kornfield weaves together the Russia-Ukraine war and the life of Thich Nhat Nahn: https://dharmaseed.org/talks/69770/

Gil Fronsdal on suffering and the end of suffering, the end of greed, hatred, delusion, and clinging. Help your suffering feel safe. https://dharmaseed.org/talks/69545/

Tara Brach teaches Thich Nhat Hanh's teaching of interbeing, with a very heartfelt focus on the climate emergency. https://dharmaseed.org/talks/69439/

Donald Rothberg gives the best tribute to Thich Nhat Hanh I've encountered, interweaving Donald's experience with Thay, Thay's life, and Thay's teachings. Photos in the PDF. https://dharmaseed.org/talks/69277/

Thich Nhat Hanh on signlessness: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KS-zOAtOGPc

Pamela Weiss on fear and fearlessness, a tribute to Thich Nhat Hanh. Talk starts at 34:20. https://dharmaseed.org/talks/69150/

Sylvia Boorstein's tribute to Thich Nhat Hanh: https://dharmaseed.org/talks/69162/

Gil Fronsdal celebrating the amazing life of Thich Nhat Hanh: https://www.audiodharma.org/talks/14908

Donald Rothberg's Thanksgiving talk on generosity, gratitude, and the shadow side of Thanksgiving. https://dharmaseed.org/talks/68207/

Tara Brach on how to practice with fear, including with intense fear from trauma. https://dharmaseed.org/talks/67395/

Here's a nice dialogue between Matthew Brensilver, Phillip Moffitt, and Tuere Sala on freedom/liberation/awakening. https://dharmaseed.org/talks/67334/

Kamala Masters on equanimity, in particular "surrendering to the law [of nature]." https://dharmaseed.org/talks/60682/

Sylvia Boorstein on kindness and the preciousness of life. Life is so difficult; how can we be anything but kind? What will we do with our one life? https://dharmaseed.org/talks/67203/

Thich Nhat Hanh on how to be with difficult or unpleasant experiences. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t5Ka2RS0UC4

Thich Nhat Hanh on restlessness, or a lack of inner peace. Talk starts at 13:55. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qq6B4OX6uUE

Part 2 of Donald Rothberg's talk on awakening, this time with more of a focus on awakening in contemporary times. https://dharmaseed.org/talks/67144/

Donald Rothberg on beautiful states of being, including awakening, along with stories of his Buddhist lineages coming to America: https://dharmaseed.org/talks/66963/

Donald Rothberg on how to practice with difficulty: https://dharmaseed.org/talks/66918/

Sylvia Boorstein on wisdom, in particular impermanence and suffering/reactivity. She shares some lovely poems, too. https://dharmaseed.org/talks/66025/

Epic talk by Jack Kornfield on the power of listening. The story at 13:50 about the Dalai Lama's personal doctor is very special. https://dharmaseed.org/talks/66293/

Thich Nhat Hanh on the understanding of suffering leading to compassion and less suffering. And nice chanting. Watch the first hour https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DTgv4iPgQ2o

Here's Tara Brach's very profound Earth Day talk on the importance of our connection to nature. https://dharmaseed.org/talks/65542/

Part 2 of Donald Rothberg's talk on how to develop confidence, trust, and faith in one's contemplative practice. This is a beautiful one. https://dharmaseed.org/talks/65776/

Donald Rothberg on how to develop confidence, trust, and faith in one's contemplative practice: https://dharmaseed.org/talks/65736/

Tara Brach on self-love - what blocks self-love, how to cultivate self-love, and why self-love is so important to our well being. https://dharmaseed.org/talks/65385/

The time to get real with ourselves is now, and this talk by Tara Brach will help us get there through insight and compassion. https://dharmaseed.org/teacher/175/talk/65005/

Kaira Jewel Lingo on how to embrace strong emotions and grow joy. She teaches Thich Nhat Hanh's version of RAIN. Great talk! https://dharmaseed.org/teacher/1012/talk/64395/

Donald Rothberg gives a unique and interesting talk on doing and not doing, both in meditation and in daily life. https://dharmaseed.org/teacher/55/talk/64238/

Jack Kornfield's Winter Solstice talk, primarily focused on our exile... our exile from ourselves, from our fellow country people, from the Earth. Talk starts at 26:30. https://dharmaseed.org/teacher/85/talk/63361/

Tara Brach shares a favorite inner concept of mine, strong back + soft front, in the context of ending hatred. Highly recommended. 1: https://dharmaseed.org/teacher/175/talk/63716/ 2: https://dharmaseed.org/teacher/175/talk/63715/

Here's part 2 of Donald Rothberg's practicing with views talk, discussing political, racial, and other views, including an interesting historical study on race in the US. https://dharmaseed.org/teacher/55/talk/63168/

Donald Rothberg on cultivating uppekha, commonly translated as equanimity or balance, a quality that is particularly helpful amidst difficulty. https://dharmaseed.org/teacher/55/talk/62725/

Donald Rothberg on practicing with views, given two weeks after the election, with a deep emphasis on the original Buddha's teachings on the matter. Starts at 1:14. https://dharmaseed.org/teacher/55/talk/62972/

Here's a beautiful, insightful talk from 2005 by Thich Nhat Hanh on the true nature of things, including birth and death. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ms6EylTW-2o (starts at 14 minutes)

Dharma Bits is a list of mindfulness meditation resources that I love. I hope you enjoy them as well!

-Alex L


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